Training Body and Mind

Dojo Address

1280 Rt. 194 North 

Abottstown PA


How much does it cost?

Check out our class schedule page for current class fees.  The only additional fee you will ever have to pay is a nominal test fee, or if you wish to attend a seminar.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

Aikido has a mental component as well as a physical one.  We request that our students be at least 11 years old.  There is no maximum age.

Do I have to be in good physical condition?

Since Aikido works by using your opponent's energy against them, you don't have to be in top shape.

Can I take classes with my Child?


One of the great things about Aikido is that size and strength don't matter.  We do not have separate children's classes at this time.

Are there competitions or tournaments?


Aikido is about harmonizing with your partner or opponent, not competition.  Occasionally, our sister dojos will gather together for seminars to share knowledge of the art, but it is not a tournament.

Could I get hurt?

Any activity that involves physical contact carries some risk of injury.  We minimize the risk by using mats and instructing new students in the concept of "tapping out" and ukemi, or the safe falling and rolling.


What is Tapping Out?

There are several techniques in Aikido that involve putting a lot of pressure on small joints in the body.  It is a way to let the practitioner know that they have performed the technique correctly without hurting their opponent. 

What if I can't make class?

No problem

Just send a text message to Sensei or Senpai Marshall.  Remember that you only pay for the classes that you show up for.

How do I get promoted to the next belt?

Each rank has a minimum class requirement.  Once you have reached that amount, you become eligible to test for the next rank, at Sensei's discretion.

Do I need a uniform, or is one Provided?

Not at first, but we do request you get one eventually.  You can order one online from any martial arts supply store, or we can order it for you.

Can I watch a class?


We would prefer that you participate, but you are welcome to observe.